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Guadalajara Jalisco


In construction




Housing Building


1,500 m2



Located in an area where previously the use of industrial land predominated, the plot is used as a semi-covered warehouse and inside there is a small 2-level building that has an area of ​​60m2. This required the development of a housing complex of 10 apartments, a penthouse, common areas and parking.


The first thing to do within our work scheme was to take advantage of the existing structure found on the plot. In order not to demolish, the foundation and structure were reinforced.

The next thing to do was to expand the square meters within the existing construction and in this way add 50 m2 for each level and thus achieve 110m2 apartments. In turn, the circulation area with corridors, stairs and elevator was added to serve all levels.

The 4 levels of apartments and roof garden are developed on the original reinforced structure and on the new expansion area. Preserving the original openings, repeating modules are created for the main façade and wooden panels are placed to cover them, creating blocks in a vertical and horizontal direction.

The rear part of the plot is freed up to be used as a parking lot and placed on it, the second phase of the project. In order not to generate a basement for parking, for budget reasons, the number of apartments was limited based on the maximum number of drawers that can fit in the rear free area above natural ground level.


Above this parking lot, the second stage is raised in which three levels are generated with two apartments in each one, and at the top, the penthouse is located at the same level as the shared roof garden for development.


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Guadalajara Jalisco


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