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Tlajomulco de Zuñiga, Jalisco





Project leader:

Architect Salvador Covarrubias


Arch. Arcelia Cornejo


300 m2



COCCO developed the proposal, based on the direct context and environment of the land. Which has a slight slope towards the back while having the best views.


Our proposal was based on the development of the house with the main view towards the Bosque de La Primavera, which is a protected area and with this it is guaranteed that said views will never be blocked.


Bioclimatic properties due to the shape and orientations of the project, this generates a pleasant and habitable environment towards the interior without the use of mechanical elements for the air conditioning of the house. Which makes the project friendly to the natural environment.


Be double height

This space is the connector of the whole house and one of the main spaces together with the kitchen.

Main view

It is a sober house in a very natural environment, the views in 80% of the spaces are directed towards the back where the La Primavera forest is located.


Dual chimney

The fireplace visually connects the entrance, the kitchen and the living room.



Windows can be used for more functions than just ventilating and lighting a space, an example of this is one of the children's windows that at the same time works as a small bench to meditate while one observes the outside.


Main bedroom hall

This corridor through the window that covers the entire rear facade visually connects to the forest and separates the functions of the bedroom, dressing room and bathroom.


Design research:


The best views are towards the rear of the terrain which is directed towards the spring forest.


Respecting the legal construction restrictions, the movement of a few trees is planted, to relocate them in what will remain of the garden, in such a way that no tree will be removed from the land, the optimal plant of the project is regularized to take advantage of the maximum area.


Spans and voids are created to conserve vegetation and create directed views. The development requires sloping roofs, which are raised in different areas so that they converge towards the center, which gives us an interesting volume in the project. A wall is aligned with the shape of the front legal restriction which generates volume and privacy while welcoming pedestrian access.






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Guadalajara Jalisco


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