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Guadalajara Jalisco

In process

Boutique hotel


Arch. Ronza Arias


2,300 m2




For the development of a gay friendly Hotel located on Av. México, one of the busiest avenues in the city, an important road connector, full of services and shops, of different architectural typologies and genres, built in different times and with examples of quite varied architecture, the project moves and regenerates with the energy that emanates from the city and its immediate surroundings. This project required a complete program for a moderate-sized hotel, which was complemented by a hostel, restaurant, spa, rooms (3 types), cafeteria, lobby, administrative offices and a large skybar, in addition to dressing rooms and bathrooms for the spa and a social club with a 3-level pool.


The land (25x50) where this project is located already has 2 buildings, a main house from the 50's designed by the Engineer Miguel Aldana Mijares and whose building has a certain character of the time in addition to a great heritage value, so It was tried to conserve and restore as much as possible; The second building was an annex for the easement of the main house which was built years later and which has no aesthetic or patrimonial value, so the decision to demolish it was almost automatic.


Paco Barreda, about Miguel Aldana Mijares

“I cannot isolate Aldana as a painter or as a promoter, it goes hand in hand with glued. He founded the Centro de Arte Moderno at the beginning of the seventies, which gave a boost to the plastic arts of Jalisco nationwide; He located Guadalajara with artists who had not come before, mainly from Mexico City, at the same time he developed as a plastic artist. His work was distinguished by geometry, color, spaces, in which he combined these elements to achieve a personal language and which made him visit many national and international museums, but without neglecting his appearance as a committed promoter and diffuser. He was a true gentleman, with a great treatment, very fine and very generous. "


CONTEXT: The land has a significant unevenness of almost 3 m in height between the level of the street and entrance and the level of the natural terrain, this point was used by Engineer Miguel Aldana Mijares in the design of the house originally; On one side of this building, the service access was projected upstairs, and on this same level a house for the easement was moved where all the service areas were contained. This construction is demolished to take advantage of that access and at that level the areas for employees.


ORIGINAL HOUSE: It is remodeled and surgical interventions are carried out to avoid damaging the structure and take advantage of them for living areas and commercial areas both inside the project and outside with a large cafeteria.


HOSTEL: This is located as a sculptural figure and a focal point to which the views of the people who enter are directed in the first instance. The dressing room area, employee kitchen, machine room, warehouse and other areas for the hotel's service are established where the house of servitude was previously located.


SPA: It is placed on one side of the land, to have direct views of the common area and the 3-level pools, but that it is not exposed to the direct view of others.


ELEVATION: For the luxury rooms of the hotel, it was originally planned to be built directly on the house, however the weight of these new floors would not support the original structure of the house, so the insertion of pillars that will cross the house in strategic points that will support a new slab and in this way the original house and the new structure coexist in perfect symbiosis, since the new slab will not touch the original, and the rooms will be located in it.


SKYBAR: By raising the new slab, a space is created between the roof of the house and it, taking advantage of this condition, an intermediate area is created between the house and the structure, in which a skybar is generated with open patios towards the rooms.



Denisse Scott Brown in the 70's said that sometimes the same architecture speaks for the project, referring to the past, in her book Learning from Las Vegas: the Forgotten Symbolism of Architectural Form, they give us samples of it.


The hotel was born from visual romance, a crush at first sight. The sensuality and warmth within the walls of the hotel move away from reality to enter an atmosphere of freedom, in which the person leaves everything behind and fully enjoys the atmosphere generated in the spaces that surround both guests and visitors.


The services function as a transition to the areas of common use, a Social Club with all the amenities that are within your reach: The spa on the main terrace, the gallery in the entrance areas, the outdoor cafeteria and the restaurant of the highest level. The use of the facilities is open to the public, to all those looking for a dream oasis within the city.


The adventurers will have their space within an architectural sculpture that will be the visual attraction of the first impact, in 8 rooms with the necessary comforts so that their adventure is more than a stay and becomes a must-visit hostel for modern globetrotters.


Absolutely luxurious comfort will be available to hotel guests, all their needs will be covered in spacious rooms with open-concept, in which the walls will be a haven of relaxation and freedom.


In the Skybar, the nightlife of Guadalajara will be represented to the fullest, an atmosphere of luxury and fun for locals and others. Excellent attention and service will make the nights an unforgettable experience.





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Guadalajara Jalisco


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