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Zapopan, Jalisco

In construction

3D model:

RGG, Rodo Garcia




280 m2




The existing Tree on the land was what defined the general line to be followed in this project, a tree that dates back more than 2 centuries in the place and that serves as a witness to the passage of time; This primordial inhabitant extends its branches embracing the land and making it clear where and how to delicately place each of the project's rooms to create a symbiotic coexistence between the land-tree and the house-habitat. Creating several terraces around it.


It is the way of living this interstitial space that defines the final architectural will of the project: life abroad, open, closed, in community; a living photograph, that is, a world of coexistence, disorder, color and nature.


These terraces in turn visually and harmoniously connect the exterior invaded with vegetation with the interiors, creating very diffuse boundaries between interior and exterior. Leaving open views to all points of view, especially to the horizon, which is only cut by mountains and nature, canyons, trees, streams and lush vegetation.


A sober and simple distribution that in turn guarantees good ventilation and lighting to each space.


Built on an extremely steep site in a heavily vegetated area, emphasis was placed on integrating the house into the surroundings with minimal disturbance to wildlife.



The existing Tree dates back more than 2 centuries. A slight slope is also found in the terrain, which defined the levels on the first floor, as well as a strong change in level marked by existing containments which also helped define the heights.


Legal restrictions:

The maximum buildable area encompassed the uprightness of the tree, the 2 slopes and one of the protruding slopes.



One of the volumes of the slope is eliminated to take advantage of the buildable area.



Blocks are removed to safeguard the integrity of the tree and each and every one of its branches.


All units look directly onto the garden, whether it is the ground floor as does the living room, dining room or kitchen, or the upper floor garden from which the main bedroom and one of the secondary ones take advantage. But mainly 2 main views are generated, towards the mountains and from which there are generous uninterrupted views towards the horizon where the view is clear from kilometers away; and the other is towards the tree which can be seen from 90% of the spaces of the house, from the outside and in the hall, from the living room and upper floor, as well as the terrace and the master bedroom.

Commonly ecological or "green" architecture focuses on a very orthodox form that is characterized by a lifestyle of guilt and sacrifice. It is often at odds with comfort or good taste and instead brings us the promise of a life of hard work that will be rewarded with prosperity. This project tries to link and reach an agreement in which the environment is benefited while the inhabitants of the house do not sacrifice their comfort. For this, the project uses several ways to achieve it, by mechanical and natural means and by taking advantage of the immediate environment.





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