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Treasure Landscapes, Jalisco


In construction


Office // Home

Area :

250 m2



What is it that makes a building a house? What makes it an office? The use, that's right, the use we give to a building is what makes it what it is. For this project the need was simple, a building that initially functions as the owner's office with its spaces for boardrooms, private offices, warehouse, cubicle spaces for administrative staff, reception, as well as areas for leisure and rest. 

And that in turn this building in several years, when the owner's office increases in size and now they need a larger building, it could be adapted to house for the same owner or for sale.

Four levels were generated taking advantage of the natural unevenness of the land, which will initially serve as follows: basement for storage and parking, First level for reception and meeting room, first level mezzanine as a cubicle area and a terrace area, Second level as private and management offices and finally a roof terrace where social events for workers and clients can be held.

At the time of "becoming" a house, the basement will function as a parking lot and service area, First level living room, dining room, kitchen and terrace; Second level three bedrooms with bathroom and dressing room and finally roof terrace that in addition to the current use will also contain a TV room

It all depends on what we use it for!





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Guadalajara Jalisco


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