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Phantom X



Zapopan, Jalisco



Area :

200 m2



The commission was to develop a house for sale, following the classic guidelines of a house that meets the needs of the people who will inhabit it, even without knowing who they will be. The floor is released to the maximum without neglecting the privacy of intimate areas such as the study and bedrooms.


Through photovoltaic panels, solar light generates and stores energy for the house, a solar heater, and a rainwater collection system which filters the water and reuses it for irrigation and for bathrooms throughout the house, the filtering system It is powerful so that all water is suitable for human consumption and intake.


The location and orientations of the land were studied to generate pleasant weather conditions in each space of the house, on the ground floor an eaves were created to reduce the solar incidence, creating the access porch.

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Guadalajara Jalisco


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