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Green street





Sacramento, California



In construction


Ht Sheetwood Contractors

Atelier 2104




325 m2



The owner is an older man, however this time he could not be thought of as the end user, as the project is considered more like "grandfather's house".


The main users besides the man, are 2 of his children, a young woman and a businessman who travels enough for business not to consider a permanent residence.Secondary users are the rest of your children and your grandchildren.


The first thing that was done was to analyze the permanence of each member of the family in the house during the week and during the weekends, in order to have a broader panorama of the common uses. The man remains an average of 80% of the time, so this condition was the main conditioning factor of the project.



Taking this into account, it was defined that the master's bedroom should be located on the ground floor in order to have independence and privacy, but at the same time to be directly connected to the rest of the spaces.


Once defined that it will be on the ground floor, the best location for the man was sought so that he could be linked, since during the weekends he receives visits from his entire family, but at the same time he will be isolated if he so wishes during the meetings of their children with their friends.



When locating the bedroom, it is proposed that it has a direct connection to the outside of the home, to the access and to green areas. It is intended that all social areas are visually accessible to the man.


The solar orientations and the views were especially taken care of so that the man is in the middle of all the activities carried out in the house.



The 2 bedrooms of the children who live in the house are silver that are separate and independent in order to guarantee the privacy of each one, for the daughter who leads an active social life, a terrace area is proposed which is deprived of views. from outside the street.


The bedroom of the son who travels on business is raised in an area that is visually connected to the garden and guarantees its views.



A multipurpose area is proposed on the upper floor which also functions as a guest bedroom for the grandchildren of the Lord.



In this way, all the social moments of the project are fulfilled, during the week it is a quiet house and during the weekends it works as a conviviality center for the whole family and encourages coexistence among all its members.


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