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Saint Faustina Kowalska





Technological Institute and

of Higher Studies

from the west

Zapopan, Jalisco.




3D model:


Project leader:

Arq. Arcelia Cornejo.




A place of rest, a space for silence, despite the fact that even stones are not as heavy as they were in more solid times.


In the form of loans to freedom and necessity, intensity, texture, capitals of light establish the only reference that remains: a cosmological contrast between the piles of clay and the sun with its light.


The main nave, the crypts and the chapel are simply stone boxes bathed in light, the soul, the coffin, the urn, peace, the community, they have gone before to the kingdom of light, they meet in a moment with the sky, clouds, trees.


This structure glorifies the quintessence of architecture, celebrating space and silence with the walls in light.


Santa Fuastina Kowalska

Called Apostle of Divine Mercy, she was a Polish Catholic nun. He wrote a journal with more than 600 pages in which he collected all the messages that he claimed to receive from Jesus, including the visions that He gave him about purgatory, hell and heaven.


Vision of Purgatory

"... At one point I saw myself in a place full of fire and suffering souls. They were praying fervently for themselves but it was not valid ..."

Vision of Hell

"...Today, I was carried by an angel to the depths of hell. It is a place of great torture; how imposingly large and extensive it is! ... There are caverns and torture pits where each form of agony differs from the other. .. "


Vision of Heaven

"... Today, I was in heaven in spirit, and I saw its incomparable beauties and the happiness that awaits us after death ..."


"" ... I am writing this by order of God, so that no soul can find an excuse saying that there is no hell .. What I have written is a pale shadow of the things I saw. But I noticed one thing: that most of the souls that are there are those who disbelieve that there is a hell ... "



Social support program for architectural and construction projects.



The archdiocese of Guadalajara, the parish community of Santa Faustina Kowalska.



A new project was created for this parish, a field study was made to assess the project and the land, the needs of the priest and the parish community were investigated.


To be able to help this parish community in carrying out the project to meet the needs.



Visits were made to the parish, an arduous investigation was developed including interviews with experts in the archdiocese, where we could find parameters for the best projection of a parish complex.



The entire project was delivered to the community of Santa Faustina Kowalska for the construction of this parish complex to be carried out, in order to raise the necessary funds for it and even with labor from the same community.



A functional parish complex and nucleus of union of this community, will form an entire integration and help will be provided to those who need it, activities for all members of this community and above all it will be the place for worship, meditation and silence.




  • Gris Icono Houzz

Guadalajara, México.

Calgary, Canadá.

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