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Zapopan, Jalisco
Status:Under construction




430 m2

3D model:

RGG, Rodo Garcia



Made to be inhabited by three generations, grandparents, parents and children, this project focuses its attention on the ephemeral aspect of being, the shape achieved connects everything in an almost liquid way, each space flowing to the next and the next creating a continuous succession of optimal environments for each inhabitant and generating at the same time the ideal orientation of views towards the street, first passing through the inner courtyard, sometimes a private enclosure and self-exploration closed to the outside and other occasions generating experiences and a convivial center for the whole family, not only of those who inhabit the house but also of their guests.



With a relatively small front for the size of this large lot with an irregular shaped corner location close to the diamond, I focused on taking advantage of the privacy suggested by the same terrain.



The orientation of the longest façade faces the Northeast towards a screen of trees and behind them is a growing area of ​​bohemian style, quiet to the eye and to the senses, the nightlife, making the project connect in a way direct without losing privacy, filling with life day by day.



The street level of the land is zero compared to the subdivision in which it is located, but this is 2 meters above the street outside the subdivision, automatically generating masonry walls that served us for the excavation of the basement.



The very shape of the land made the architectural program difficult, it was developed on 3 levels to make the most of each particularity, creating three main areas.



As access to the inhabitants of the house mainly as areas of saving and the great square as an area for family events.


All spaces are continuously connected both horizontally and perpendicularly, generating great fluidity in each layer and each area of ​​the house from the outside to the inside, from the basement to the third level.


They tried spaces with large windows watching the solar incidence.

Several models were worked both in plan and in section for the best use of the land, views, solar graphics and ventilation. Each variation to the original model guided us towards the type of form that would best adapt to the environment, as if it were a biological species trying to adapt through a forced evolution in times for its own survival, the project was acquiring its final form with each stage of analysis of the project generating a kind of saw, a toothed profile or a plant out of phase on itself towards the next. Variations were proposed to the project both in form and function, in plan, section and elevation, until culminating in the result of the effort of both architects and clients.


The main space, which grows in triple height to be linked to each level, seeks to catch the sun inside the house, for reasons of comfort, but mainly, for climatic criteria. The house has a cover that will help control changes in temperature inside the house, and will incorporate the highest level of environmental standards.





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