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Veracruz House






350 m2




The proposal integrates the three most classic typologies of sloping roofs, the cabin , the barn and the covered house , each with unique characteristics that differentiate them from each other; to function and create a new reference that despite being the repetition of the orthodox archetype develops a new identity in the context thanks to this integration. This same differentiation is made in the application of materials and colors, thereby generating a marked pattern between the volumes.


The three volumes wrap the main functions with each skin. The covered, extruded house covers the functions of circulations and connections both in plan and in section, stairs, distributors, common areas and hall; The cabin for its part rigorously covers the three secondary bedrooms, their bathrooms and dressing rooms; the void generated by the collision of these two volumes gives rise to the service and patio areas; And the third volume, the barn , creates a very simple ceiling with only supports at the ends to free up the largest possible area on the ground floor for social areas and on the upper floor for the master bedroom and its dependencies, with this release of the structure the uninterrupted views are directed towards the garden, the terrace and ultimately the golf course.

The main factor of the succession in the spaces follows the guideline set by the terrain, a continuous slope that connects from the level of the fairway to the golf course, passing through the intermediate point that divides the building in its center by means of the ramp of the staircase that connects this intersection to both the highest and lowest floors, creating in the latter a large gap that promotes the creation of the kitchen, dining room and living room with more than 4 meters high.


More than 60% of the spaces look directly towards the golf course that connects the garden with infinite views, the other spaces direct their views towards wooded areas and avoid the view of the immediate neighbors giving privacy to all.


Final Note: The project was developed around a large existing tree , located at the entrance; Every aspect of the design was endeavored to consider not touching or damaging both the root and the branches, this decision was made out of respect for the environment, for that living being that was in that place decades before the owners of the land were even born and This was also a fundamental part of the design as its shadows and branches would finally give the project the texture and volumetry; During construction we took care of this tree thoroughly , emphasizing its importance both for the environment and nature and for the aesthetics of the project, unfortunately we could not do anything else and once it was delivered to the house the owners proceeded to cut it down.





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