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Project leader:

Architect Salvador Covarrubias


Arch. Rodolfo Gomez


260 m2

Lynx House





Zapopan, Jalisco







COCCOdeveloped the proposal, based on the direct context and environment of the land.


The owner had only 2 conditions for his project, number one, that he could take advantage of the wide views of the environment; number two, have a large terrace. The problem with this was THE GROUND.


The land has a drop of more than 14 meters and is located at the end of a street, in such a way that it only borders 2 buildings.


Of its 4 sides, only 3 had the potential to generate visual comfort for the family, since on one side there is a house that practically blocks the view of all that boundary, another of its sides has a direct view of a natural reserve area , the Bosque de La Primavera, towards the front a view that by raising the house could reach more than 20 km in distance, since the street in which the land is located lowers and nothing would block your view, the other side has views towards a Semi-private ravine with a river during the rainy season which can be accessed by means of a staircase in the lower part, this environment was used to locate the main bedroom and the family games terrace.


When leveling the land, a large terrace would be generated that would have a view towards the lateral ravine, but the most pleasant views towards the natural horizon would be lost. Raising the entire house was an impractical solution for several reasons, on the one hand the regulations did not allow it, the cost would rise too high and the house would end up being a beacon in which its inhabitants would feel observed, and finally the terrace would be lost. due to the unevenness of the terrain.

Land & Environment

The land has views of 20 km to the front and to the side to a semi-private ravine.


Normal prototype of a house

Given the shape of the land and the immediate built environment, it did not lend itself to developing the project in a common way.



The simple fact of elevating the house would not give a great change to the common, the public areas such as the room would not have the best views, and the bedrooms would be in view of the street.


Raise & Invert

Once the house is elevated, the functions are reversed, the public areas are in the highest part and from them the optimal views are appreciated, and the bedrooms are located in the lower part facing the ravine and in this way they will not be exposed.

Our proposal was based on the development of the house with the main view towards the skyline of the city and its mountains. To achieve this, the typical arrangement of a house had to be rethought, reversing the location of the areas and functions of the rooms.


We place the private areas on the first level directing the views towards the ravine, especially the master bedroom enjoys this view, an extra benefit of placing them on the first level is that their flat slabs automatically generate a large terrace to be used by the public areas, which are located on the second level and from them give off almost infinite views towards the horizon. In this way, we are able to satisfy the 2 conditions of the owner with a single gesture.

Inside the house an internal patio is projected that connects the girls' rooms, by means of folding windows, both bedrooms can be connected integrating a large play area for them, adding the patio as an extension and link as a same space.


A cantilevered "patio" is also created between the master bedroom and its balcony, allowing the tree that was found on the ground from the beginning to continue to exist as a silent and confident witness of the family and at the same time creating this hole, not The views are broken from the bedroom bed towards the canyon and river that is 15 meters below.






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Guadalajara Jalisco


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