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Fucho House




Guadalajara Jalisco

In process



180 m2



Located in a neighborhood projected in the 50s, the "Fucho" house has been designed in one of the few lots that still remain without construction, for a young couple with 2 children, the owner, a graphic designer and a true soccer fan. He requested the design of his house with the normal dependencies to inhabit it, living room, dining room, kitchen in the public area; two bedrooms for your children, a master bedroom with its own bathroom, a study and a generous cellar, as well as a garage for 2 cars with the possibility of being closed.


But the real trigger for this project were the two great conditions that both the owner and his wife requested of us.


1.-She asked us to necessarily develop the house on a single floor, and the most that could be achieved in green areas and garden.


2.-He, that we manage to locate a soccer field as big as possible, since it is his great passion and every weekend he plays with his children and with his friends.


In this project option, only 1 of the dicataminating conditions was met, a garden and a field were created, however the requirement that the plant be of a single level was what determined that this option was discarded.


It is possible to accommodate the requested units on a single floor, although a little forced to thus free up a large part of the land for the field.

The garden is planned in a roof garden, which is a good aesthetic detail, but not very practical, since the lady would have to go up every day to enjoy it, and one of the conditions is not having two levels.


We take as a basis the concept of the roof garden to use the roofs. On one floor, this time the court was placed on the roof of the interior rooms, generating the largest court of all the options, creating pleasant interior spaces and landscaped terraces. In this way, the two most important conditions of the program were met.

Once the program was defined, the best options were sought to be able to develop the 2 conditions that they requested.


Ideas were developed that led us to create the house on two levels, but they were quickly discarded, it was proposed to develop the project on a single level, leaving the handle at the natural level of the land and the garden in a Roof Garden, however this was not of the total agardo of none, since in any case the wife would have to go up every day to maintain her garden and to be able to appreciate it, while the court will not be one of the best views for the house.


Finally, it was decided to take advantage of a "Foot Garden", which generated the whole house on one floor, freeing up the roof covers as much as possible and thus generating the largest area for the creation of a soccer field, and thus leaving many areas around the construction to take advantage of the garden.




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Guadalajara, México.

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