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Guadalajara Jalisco




Concept Store



Crew Magazine

Project leader:

Arch. Arcelia Cornejo

Architect Salvador Covarrubias


Zaira González 3D Model:




Working in conjunction with the designer Zaira González, who wanted to create a concept store, a proposal was developed for the remodeling and rehabilitation of an old 50-year-old house on Av. México, an avenue very converged between Guadalajara and Zapopan, which was also very run-down, marked by an architectural trend that was not in tune with the intention and concept that the same designer and store manager and cocco had in mind.


After having functioned as a house, the construction has started to house different uses, with commercial uses being the predominant ones, the last use that was developed in it was that of a veterinary clinic.

Demolishing was not an option both in cost and time, the fundamental decision that governs the project is to respect as much as possible the structure and soul of the house, few walls were demolished, others were rehabilitated, and spaces were reorganized to make the most of it. your area, like a surgery improvements were made to the house with the utmost care.


Defactori is a concept store, where you will find the best fashion trends in clothing and accessories, furniture, tapestries, a proposal full of urban style with American, English and Indian brands, without forgetting local talent with its own brand.

Accessories, bicycles and other must-haves are something you will find, it has a food area, and also a studio where the designer Zaira Gonzalez works on the development of trends and on her photographs. Defactori is inspired by the glamor and the underground, the hipster and the sophisticated; Cosmopolitan and alternative are how this comprehensive project would be described, leaving no details to chance, while nothing is regulated in it.




Photo credits:
Defactori / Zaira Gonzalez


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Guadalajara Jalisco


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