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Camecuaro, Michoacan.




& Shelter
Project leader:

Architect Salvador Covarrubias

Arch. Arcelia Cornejo



Lake Camécuaro is located to the east of the City of Zamora de Hidalgo, in the Municipality of Tangancícuaro, in the State of Michoacán, Mexico.

According to the etymological definition of the word it is the following: from the verb huacameni -fall into a deep pool-, the word huacámecuaro is formed: «place where they fall into the pool.

The project is developed as a home for a forest ranger to support the care of the lake and as a refuge for visitors in the event of extreme flooding.


It is proposed to raise the unit to safeguard the ranger and his family and offer safe refuge for visitors, inside there are all the services with a large common area to adapt bunk beds and cots for said refugees and an independent and autonomous room for the ranger and his family.

In addition, the elevation works to improve the vigilance's panopticon and as it is higher, it serves as a “lighthouse” and a landmark for those in the area. The roof terrace is designed as a lookout point.


«Camécuaro, where they rush into the water». The possible reason for this name is that on the banks of the lake lived the otter [Lutra annectens), whose defense in the presence of man consisted of quickly starting to swim. At present this species is extinct in the region.


It is a protected natural area that is in the category of National Park, which guarantees the conservation of the flora and fauna found there. The decree was signed on June 18, 1940, with Ing. Lázaro Cárdenas del Río being President of the Republic.

The municipal president of Tangancícuaro, a few months ago invited a group of engineers and architects to talk about a project for the rescue and dignification of Lake Camécuaro. Professionals from the guild suggested that vehicles be prevented from entering the lake area. This suggestion has been made in the current project.


Basement. The perimeter of the basement is prepared to receive high pressure in case the level of the lake rises, the internal patio continues to ventilate and illuminate the rooms until it reaches its limit.

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