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Zapopan, Jalisco




Arch. Salvador



Ing. Luis Chavez

Arch. Ivan Moncayo





This project was developed for a young, audacious and independent woman, we approach the theme of the house from the current perspective with reference to the spaces with which daily life develops in the sway of the urbanite.


Generally, integration with the immediate environment is sought, however in this specific case it was decided to deny the immediate environment to generate the desired conditions within the project. Create a separate context for this project, in Rem Koolhaas ' words "Fuck the context" .

The sophisticated and highly elaborate volume of the upper part contrasts with the quasi-artisanal surface of the apparent concrete walls and the polished cement of the lower part, while we link both volumes with the diffuse and phantasmagorical figure that gives us the vaporized glass that contains the stairs, thus generating the contrast and balance between the three volumes.


A large plant is established covering the width of the land as much as possible, leaving a free boundary for access to the rear garden, on the ground floor a large isotropic space is generated that visually connects from the double height to the master bedroom.


The floor is released to the maximum without neglecting the privacy of intimate areas such as the study and bedrooms.

Interior architecture:

Arch. Arcelia Cornejo


Arch. Pablo Cornejo


Alejandro Souza


200 m2



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Upper floor is cloistered from the street, a connecting avenue and exponentially noisy, leaving the views towards the interior of the land through wide openings directed towards the garden and the horizon marked by the southern mountains, the main bedroom is directly linked to the double height, but maintains its privacy through the independent revolving screens that open or close as desired.


Gradual growth is contemplated according to the needs that the owner is acquiring, his approach is based on its development throughout life, thinking about the future, the construction was established as close to the center of the lot, to favor the next annexes both to the front as well as to the sides and back.


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Guadalajara Jalisco


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