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Calgary, Canada 




Made to be inhabited by three generations, grandfather, father and son, this project focuses its attention on the ephemeral aspect of being, the form achieved connects everything in an almost liquid way, each space flowing to the next and the next creating a continuous succession of optimal environments for each inhabitant and generating at the same time the ideal orientation of panoramic views over the canyons.





350 m2

3D model:

RGG, Rodo Garcia


With generous views directed towards the ravines, mountains and ravines, it was the first point that stands out in the location of the land, the problem, or rather the main area of ​​opportunity for it, was the 20-meter slope.



They delimit the maximum area to take advantage of each section of the land, the first was the entrance area.



The second section is where we have concentrated the footprint of the main construction, spanning the entire width possible and achieving incredible views in every living space.



Thanks to the aforementioned unevenness and the ground platforms, the access floor is on the upper floor, the entrance of the grandparents to the main area of ​​the house being more accessible, while the bedrooms are on the lower floor, as well as a terrace / living room of TV.



It is proposed to extrude the facade to create boxes or continuous balconies full extent of the access floor and the lower floor creates a corridor outside the protected.


It adapts to the existing topography by moving the multipurpose area that has been used mainly as a guest bedroom, but which in turn serves as a covered terrace, whose roof reveals an uncovered terrace in the intermediate access slab and the rooftop.



Thanks to the aforementioned unevenness and the terrain platforms, the access floor is continuously connected to each floor of the generated balconies.



From access until the end of the ground so you can navigate without repeating inniterrumpida paths connecting each area creating a continuity and a liquid architecture.



The third section connects to an open terrace with a pool and large gardens to take advantage of both its views and life outside, since the natural unevenness of the land would not otherwise allow it to be a usable environment.


Unbeatable views, large surfaces without boundaries, continuous connection between interior and exterior, solar orientations that respect each environment, a gigantic outdoor terrace and let's take into account the terraces and roof garden.


In the access level there are in order of succession of environments, the main access, half bathroom, kitchen with island, pantry and laundry room, grandparents' main bedroom with bathroom and dressing room and box; In the social area the aforementioned kitchen, spacious dining room, and living room all under open concept and exit to the main box that connects with an open-air terrace half a level above that in turn connects with the roof garden.


Going down the middle of the staircase you reach the multipurpose space with a full bathroom and closet and which has been designed as a covered terrace, guest bedroom and library which is connected on one side to the television room and games room on the lower floor and on the other to the outdoor corridor that leads to the terrace with pool.


The lower level welcomes you with the television room and game room which connect to the exterior corridor which is accessed from each bedroom, the interior corridor connects the 2 bedrooms, one for the father and one for the son each with bathroom and direct access to the terrace with pool and gardens.




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