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Zapopan, Jalisco


3D model views:


Roberto Jaramillo



400 m2


No doubt. This is my home here I happen, immensely. This is my home stopped in time.

-Mario Benedetti-




Commonly the architecture of the houses in the center of ancient cities used the patio as the heart and distribution of the house and its future growth, connecting bedrooms with the interior garden, this in turn with the common area that again connects the terrace and the outdoor garden creating a fluidity that at times makes it unclear whether one is inside or outside. Reintegrating and reinterpreting the inner courtyard, welcoming it with the respect and tradition that characterizes it.


Following this design line and recapitulating the main points of the mansions, extremely high ceilings were left, a sahuán or attached portico at the main entrance, indigenous and vernacular materials from Guadalajara, a sober and simple distribution that in turn guarantees good ventilation and lighting to each space. The main development of the project focused on an adult couple whose children already have their own families, so the house is proposed to be the most practical for them, with ample living spaces for family reunions.


The inner courtyard. It is the way of living this interstitial space that defines the final architectural will of the project: life outside, open, closed, in community; a living photograph of the Mexican vital utopia, that is, a world of coexistence, disorder, color and nature; A reflection of the soul in the Mexican patio.


Interceramic Award for Architecture and Interior Design Special Mention for the Application of Ceramic Floors and Coverings in Residential Construction



From one extreme to the other, the tone of the project changes completely, sharing the same level, but radically separating the loudest and most energy-filled area from the more peaceful and calm area.


We identified 4 main areas in which the project was divided: Open, Social, Access-service, Private.


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Guadalajara Jalisco


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