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The grotto







Alejandro Souza

Area :

350 m2




Negative spaces or the absence of volumes and physical bodies are the quintessence of the project. The patio, an empty space that complements the general design, the absence of construction, the voids in the interior areas, which give spaciousness and generate negative spaces full of emptiness and counteract heavy bodies. A contradiction that makes sense within the paradigms proposed on this occasion.


In the hallway or porch, a concrete wall reveals this idea by subtracting a part of its volume.


The subtraction of volumes from the initial prism and the creation of negative spaces within it, resulted in positive areas that generate continuity of the spaces and resemble a grotto in its journey both on the first floor and the second, from which we have cross views that intertwine the energies caused from one area of the house to another, as if it were a cave to discover with a halo of my sterio at every step that is taken.




On the ground, near its center, there is a large avocado tree that is more than 10 meters high. Its existence was one of the guidelines to follow in the design process. This was the first point that began with the definition of negative spaces that were carefully inserted into the program defined by the client. And the tree becomes a fundamental space in our architecture.


Upon entering, the double height of the hall welcomes you in a diaphanous space whose isotropic character fills with a pleasant ethereal sensation whoever arrives.




In the living room, a large double-height space and the main living area directly connect the living room, the dining room and the kitchen inside, which together with the terrace outside and direct connection to the tree create a synergy of sensations around the whole.


All spaces open directly to the terrace and the tree.The void and its noise, above us, and wefull, placid,resting in the sobriety of the shade of a tree.





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Guadalajara, México.

Calgary, Canadá.

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