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ARPAFIL contest

Project leader:

Architect Salvador Covarrubias .



ARPAFIL is a contest that takes place within the framework of the FIL (International Book Fair) of Guadalajara, as one of the activities of an architectural and urban nature within this important festival of international stature, for this occasion the topic to be discussed was the from "LA CIUDAD", COCCO entered the contest with two proposals "Suppose that .." and "HOMODOMUS" both proposals were among the finalist projects at the international level of this contest, the proposal "HOMODOMUS" secured its place thanks to the success criticism that was made regarding our current way of living the city, the excessive consumerism that we have reached and the dual vision, both cataclysmic, and a wake-up call to create hope for a better future. This project, more than a proposal, is a warning to avoid going to the extreme of living an artificial existence.

The city is dead! And we must name the new urban agglomerations as ecosystems, whose connotations are more in keeping with their complexity and with the challenges they pose to intelligence today.


dall'urbanistica all 'ecology -Corrado Maltese

The human being of today, in few cases can continue to be considered homo sapiens - a man who thinks -, because his brain has evolved, as well as his dependence on the technology that he has invented and his total disinterest in nature, all this takes it to the degree of not recognizing what is real, this new species should adopt the Latin name of homo domus - man of the house (house = artificial form of the home).


An illogical approach and impossible conditions such as those posed by this contest can only be interpreted from a more philosophical and critical perspective than in a pragmatic or dogmatic way, therefore this project, more than a solution, raises a criticism or question of where the city and the human being are headed and whether this direction is the one we really want to take.


The architectural response is not a solution in itself, but rather an analysis of how we have (bad) treated the planet and how we (always) put nature aside, we ourselves are the ones who delimit or encapsulate it, marking the difference between what real and our reality, so the proposal avoids us as much as possible from the ground and the least contact, so as not to damage it even more.


It can!? Must be?! A structure like this could be made, there is no doubt that we are the only species that if it does not have something in its favor, invents it; Should we? On the one hand we would leave the soil to nature, to the animals, we would stop covering nature with asphalt and concrete and making subcutaneous grafts to the planet, on the other hand we would live isolated, but, that we are not already in our cities?


The trend of the metropolises around the world is the same, grow and multiply until the end of resources and the natural, soon all our cities will be described with the same phrase “nothing is real or natural anymore, it's just a simulation of dreams and fantasies of being, a great cosmopolis where even parks are science fiction, it is the last human dream, realized in our collective memory ".


"The city" converted into an ecosystem is the image of our inner truth. It represents the technical, moral and intellectual capacity that we have reached because it is and will continue to be the only possible area for the development of intelligence. However, these potentialities, no matter how spectacular and beneficial they are in many respects, involve the germ of a catastrophic process that can be a leap towards new and better paradigms or a setback that, precisely depending on our capacity and knowledge without parallel in all of history, become as great as them in the opposite direction and extinguish civilization.


This proposal is designed in 4 dimensions (three intercepted planes determining an exact point in space and moment in time) making a theoretical critique of a possible future, we will really have to demarcate both the guidelines between the human and the natural to correct the mistakes we have made in the past? Or will we be in time to avoid an undesirable future?


While in the traditional city scheme too much space is occupied for the surface, and there were few green areas, in this proposed scheme not only is minimal contact with the surface made, freeing it up for natural areas, but also multiplies them in several levels of each of the skyscraper "legs", increasing the amount of green areas instead of eliminating them as is commonly done.


The skyscraper "legs" are divided into two main groups: mixed and special, while the latter will focus on having a single function and specific typology, such as a skyscraper in which only green areas are found, another dedicated to containing a biomass and / or energy generating plant, or designed for the hospital genre; the mixed-use skyscrapers will contain all uses and services, from housing to sports, parks, work areas, aquarium, helipads, among all functions. At the last level, an infinite park is developed with outdoor coexistence areas, as well as artificial bodies of water, like everything in this project and like everything that surrounds us in recent years.

Artificial Moon, the Moon our nocturnal satellite, our beacon in the dark, it is not exempt from our way of life, since in it there are also waste left by man, we take the Moon as the representation of continuity, permanence and the natural. We took this symbol and developed some giant "balloons", which will have the function of storing solar and wind energy, to be used by the new city, in addition to radiating light at night. They will also work as a method of abandonment, when the city finishes consuming the resources of the area.


Since the awakening of man, he has always consumed the natural resources of his environment, and once they are completely exhausted, he simply moves to another ecosystem, leaving his waste behind. For example Plastic Island, also known as Garbage Island, Toxic Island, Great Pacific Garbage Patch, Great Pacific Garbage Zone, Pacific Garbage Whirlpool and other similar names, is an area of the ocean covered in marine debris. in the center of the North Pacific Ocean, located between coordinates 135 ° to 155 ° W and 35 ° to 42 ° N. It is estimated that it is 1,400,000 km² in size. This is how we have become accustomed to simply abandoning our waste to fate. And the same would happen with the legs or skyscrapers, like any garbage structure, abandoning them and leaving them behind to now be inhabited by nature, "moving" the main structure of the city to another new environment to consume.


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Guadalajara, México.

Calgary, Canadá.

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