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Five Patios






190 m2


Ing. Gilberto Lopez Chavez




The proposal integrates five patios around the house, sometimes they separate on other occasions, they unite. A project for a couple who like free spaces and at the same time destined for a specific purpose. Its corner location was the main trigger for the development, one face houses the main access just below the shade and portico created by a monolithic block of rustic apparent concrete which functions as the first patio, the second face is the space for vehicles and direct service entrance on this one of the five patios; the third face towards the "back" garden shelters a terrace that annexes the living room, dining room and kitchen.

When accessing the first thing that welcomes us is the staircase and the second patio, an interior garden that is the center of the house which links and connects each vital interstitial space. On this level are the social and service spaces and a bedroom-study, all directly connected to the second patio. As we go up we arrive at the TV room that connects with 3 patios arranged around it. On this level there is also an office-bedroom or gym depending on its use. The last and fifth patio connects the intimate space of the master bedroom.


  • Gris Icono Houzz

Guadalajara Jalisco


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