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House Extension


Arch. Arcelia Cornejo

Architect Salvador Covarrubias


80 m2



In an existing house we were given the opportunity to develop an extension for clients. With a budget of less than $ 400,000.00 we had to work with the existing plans to meet the clearly stated needs.


It is developed on one floor, with one bedroom and two full bathrooms. Two failures are immediately identified:


1. The dining room is the darkest area of ​​the house, for that reason the determination was made from there to develop the staircase and, at its top, to implant a section to the deck through which natural light is bathed.


2. The main access is uncovered, for this it was proposed to distort the original floor and with it generate a new roof to meet that need.


The elevation of the walls of the original plant is repeated, extruding them on their same axes, in such a way that with few interventions to the existing structure the new annex can be developed. This action generates a great use of resources, based on cost / benefit.


We generate new walls of small section and of low weight that do not compromise the structure and in key points that help both to create and separate spaces, areas and specific functions, as well as to preserve the original tectonics.


The figure of the plant is distorted to attach a cantilever that fulfills two specific functions, serves as a cover for the main entrance to the house and at the same time collects rainwater to be reused inside the house.



Openings are introduced to the generated roof to give access to natural overhead lighting. The staircase is made of perforated plate, with this it is possible to illuminate the area that was previously the darkest of all the spaces, where the dining room was previously, from the highest point of the project.


This is acquired through the insertion of a perforated wall that prevents it from being observed from the outside at the level of the street, while at the same time giving direct visual access from inside the main room to the outside of it, extending from this way the virtual limits of the project.

On the one level floor of the original state it had the basic spaces: living room, dining room and kitchen, with a single room and two bathrooms, the area for the living room was invaded by a king size bed, to cover the need for the habitants.


The dining room was the darkest area in the whole house, in this space it was decided to place the semi-translucent staircase and a skylight on the deck to be able to naturally illuminate this space.


Thanks to the intervention we developed, we expanded 80 m2 to the project and with it the ground floor was reconfigured, leaving the kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom / study with bathroom and guest bathroom. On the top floor, a TV room, bathroom, linen closet, secondary bedroom with balcony and master bedroom with bathroom, dressing room and private terrace were created.


  • Gris Icono Houzz

Guadalajara Jalisco


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