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Akbal Village - Cabins





Tulum, Quintana Roo



In construction


Worldwide, Tulum is one of the "Eco Chic" destinations par excellence thanks to its deeper awareness of caring for nature and spirituality.

We respect nature by preserving our green areas. In a majestic environment surrounded by vegetation, a young and innovative project was developed, designed to enjoy the environment thanks to its gardens, where it has been sought to respect the existing nature as much as possible.

We are lucky to live in one of the richest regions in the world, rich in beauty, nature, paradisiacal beaches and ancient culture. The responsibility of taking care of these factors falls partly on us. Its great virtue is the surrounding views, being these green areas not compromised with future developments.

The charmof water, land and jungle, nature and comfort are luxuries that are integrated in perfect harmony with the jungle. Ancient stones, wild green, caressing sun, birds and the magical Caribbean breeze.

Ecochic residential consisting of new construction homes with 1 to 3 bedrooms from 60 m² to 70 m². The interiors of the house have top quality finishes.  



We respect and care for the environment, from the architectural conception of the project to its subsequent construction with sustainable materials. It is a complex of land and cabins immersed in the jungle with a natural concept that prioritizes contact with nature and the use of materials from the region, highlighting the user's interaction with their surroundings.


Aldea Akbal is conceived with a balance between nature and way of life, seeking to minimize the impact footprint on the land and offer spaces for contact with nature. It is located 6km from the majestic white sand beaches making it an ideal place for you to enjoy or an excellent option for vacation rentals.

The trees, which we tried to care for and maintain in the area of the land, also play an important role, because their shade collaborates in the optimization of energy resources, helping to avoid the incidence of direct sunlight and muffling the sound. and heat radiation. Each of the areas is carefully designed to provide comfort to those who inhabit it.

The materiality of the house is considered 100% with materials from the region, such as Mayan stone, chukum, fine and precious woods from the area. Every day, from sunset to sunrise, you will find yourself lost in happiness and tranquility.

You'll enjoy everything from a private cenote, pool, and beach clubs to a community meditation garden, botanical trail, yoga studio, and amphitheater. 




Area :




Creative Capital & M2

Area  common cabins 

Mangrove 60 m2

Estero 60 m2

Cove 70 m2

Cenote 70 m2